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Due to our growth, BartendingService.Com ®(APD Bar Service®) has continual opportunities for Bartending, Waiter and Wait Staff personnel to service our expanding customer base. We need personnel from all geographical areas to better service our clients. If you are trained in both service areas of bartending and wait staff, please make a special point to let us know.

Please note: The pay rate for all jobs is $12.00/hour, guaranteed 4 hour min. if you arrive ON TIME! No need to go further if the pay rate is not within your parameters. Tips depending upon the clients tipping policy, which may vary from one client to another. Most Special Events allow you to accept tips, but no trolling for tips. Again the tipping policy for each Special Event will be described on our dedicated event page for each Special Event.

We encourage you to contact us for an interview and register with us. Our requirements for each job type are listed below:



  • WORK OPTION #2: (You may work with this uniform, but not as frequently.)

    • Bartender's standard uniform: White Shirt (Oxford) , Black necktie or bow tie, black pants and black shoes.(ie. Special Events Bartenders)
    • Note: Special Events bartenders are often required to do cash bars. Counting skills and cash handling experience are essential in this role.


  • Personal Hygiene and professional appearance must be maintained at all times including cleaned and pressed uniform. We expect our bartenders to look professional and sharp when showing up to an event.
    • TOOLS
      • OPTION# 1 (You have a high chance of working selected functions with the following tools of the trade):
        • Bottle/Can Opener
        • Wine Bottle Opener (Corkscrew)
        • Mixing Glass
        • Metal Shaker
        • Strainer
        • Jigger
        • Bar Mat
        • Bar Towels
        • Plastic ice bins
        • Pourers
        • Bar Spoon
      • OPTION# 2 (Most general Beer/Wine functions and most Special Events jobs,only require the following tools.):
        • Bottle/Can Opener
        • Wine Bottle Opener


    • Your ability to get to the job on-time each and every time.
    • Your general availability to us.
    • Our ease at getting hold of you for work assignements.

  • CAR (For Metro area functions only, does not apply to downtown area.)

    • Reliable transportation


    • General good overall health, no knee or back problems or problems that would limit your ability to do the manual requirements of the job.
  • Maintenance of a friendly and charming attitude under the worst of conditions. Your willingness to say yes.
  • Your ability to take and follow instructions from the catering supervisor to the letter.
  • Your strong desire to exceed all customer satisfaction goals set by our clients.
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  • Verifiable previous catering experience
  • Knowledge of set up and tear down
  • Banquet table decoration
  • Head table decoration
  • Table Linen (What size goes where.)
  • Napkin folds
  • Correct silverware placement
  • Ability to load and lift a banquet tray and carry it to a table stand.
  • Knowlege and ability to serve from the left and clear from the right.

  • Have cleaned and pressed uniform to include:
  • Wing Tip Collar Tuxedo Shirt
  • Black Bow tie
  • Black pants
  • Black non-slip work shoes
  • Black Cummerbund (Worn at one of our most frequent customers events)

  • Ability to work as a member of a team in a fast paced environment.
  • Ability to follow through on instructions from a supervisor.
  • Willingness to contribute to the success of the function and overall customer satisfaction.

  • Personal Hygiene and professional appearance maintained at all times. Including cleaned and pressed uniform. Minimum of jewelry that would be restrictive in any way to your function or would appear out of place in a catering work environment.

  • General good overall health, no knee or back problems that would prevent you from acting to a function supervisor's request, or to handle the general physical requirements of the job.

  • Dependable ride to and from the job in a punctual manner to coincide with the set-up and after the clean-up of the job.

    • Maintenance of a friendly and charming attitude under the worst of conditions. Your willingness to say yes.
    • Your ability to take and follow instructions from the catering supervisor to the letter.
    • Your strong desire to exceed all customer satisfaction goals set by our clients.

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    • Experienced individual with previous background in tending five star bar and captaining beverage functions.
    • Minimum ten (10) years experience.
    • Highly presentable and articulate.
    • Total commitment to customer satisfaction under adverse conditions.
    • Able to lead by example and maintain rapport while under duress.
    • Multi-tasking.
    • References required.

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    • Previous experience in both Food Service and Beverage Catering.
    • Previous verifiable bartending experience at functions. (We will train in selected cases).
    • Minimum two years satisfactory performance managing functions.
    • Well polished in dealing with the public.
    • Able to consistantly exceed customer satisfaction goals
    • Able to manage and orchestrate multi-function events and possibly multiple vendors at the same event.
    • Classy, well dressed and well healed at all times during the function.
    • Highly personable with both staff and clients.
    • Comfortable and responsible in dealing with billing issues with clients.
    • Able to evaluate the strengths and weakness of personnel and utilize them in a manner that they can excell.
    • Report writing capabililty.

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    • You must be Ultra-Reliable after accepting an event.
    • Complete understanding of rules and regulations of the game you are dealing.
    • Be a previously trained casino dealer or an enthusiastic amature player.
    • Must have a casino type uniform. Clean and well pressed.
    • Must be neat, clean cut, no piercings, outgoing and very patient..
    • Must know the etiquette of the table you are dealing and be customer friendly.
    • Not mandatory, but a car would be helpful for out-of-town-events.
    • Capable to Deal one or more of the following games:
    1. Blackjack
    2. Texas Hold Em
    3. Roulette
    4. Craps
    5. Let it Ride
    6. Caribbean Stud
    7. Money Wheel
    8. Chuck-A-Luck

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    • Ideal job for college age young adults. This is a General Purpose Assistant job.
    • Capable of unloading/loading, setting up and tearing down amusement equipment or DJ sound & lighting equipment.
    • Willing to work around and oversee teenage children. Manging them to observe the game rules.
    • Staying in the physical area of your responsibility during the event.
    • Have multiple capabilities in the area of audio, video & computer skills are a PLUS!.
    • Have a car.
    • Able to receive, understand and follow through with instructions provided.
    • Take initiative to complete the setup and breakdown tasks.
    • These events could be Bar/Bat Mitzvah's on weekends, house parties or corporate events during the week.Or assisting our mobile DJ to set up, running the event, and loading up the van.
    • Have black pants, shoes and socks and dress shirt and necktie or Wing Tip Collar Tux shirt and black bow tie.

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    This category of job(s) is to accomodate specific customer requests. Generally the individual would be female and would possess very refined qualities among them highly personable, well spoken, slim, attractive and possess perhaps a dark business suit, or black evening cocktal dress. The dress code varies by specific job and is dictated by the client. The job may simply be greeting and guiding people to a particular location as a Hostess, or may be handing out material at a trade show or it may be as involved as dealing Blackjack, Texas Hold Em, Roulette, Craps etc. for a casino night. We require a head shot on file and your full and complete contact and I-9 information.

    To send your headshot and complete contact information Apply Here


    • Must be ultra-reliable
    • Capable of doing both Off-Premise or commisary work
    • Car is required for suburban off-premise work, not needed for downton Boston work
    • Able to handle plated meals, buffet work/stations
    • Be familiar with re-heating H'ors Douvres and proper platter presentation
    • Capable of handling prep work without needing to be shown how
    • Have a skill in either rounds, line, deli, or fry work
    • Able to work quickly in an extremely fast paced environment
    • Able to meet or exceed the goals of the chef /host or hostess for each event
    • Be Serve-Safe certified if required by the client

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    • Must be extremely reliable
    • Capable of breaking down trays
    • loading dish racks
    • running a dish machine
    • unloading and putting away dish racks
    • cleaning the kitchen
    • Emptying garbage, if asked
    • Willing to follow the kitchen supervisor or chef's instructions to the letter with a smile and a yes sir, or yes ma'am.

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    • Able to follow managment instructions to the letter
    • Must be reliable and CORI check passable
    • Must be substance free
    • Must Be Reliable
    • Must be capable of continuous heavy lifting and loading/unloading of trucks
    • Previous experience in the Hospitality Industry is preferred

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