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 I have a Wing Tip Collar Tuxedo Shirt Yes No White Oxford Shirt YesNo


 I have a Black Bow Tie Yes No I have Long Necktie Yes No


 I have a Black bartenders vest: Yes No


 I have Black pants (Not Black Jeans): Yes No


 I have Black dress or Black work shoes (not sneakers): Yes No

 Tools of the trade:

 I have a waiter's type of corkscrew/wine opener (Mandatory) : Yes No


 I have a professional bottle/can opener (Mandatory) : Yes No

 I have a bar kit: [Mixing glass, Strainer,Shaker,Shot Glass, bar mat etc] (Optional)Yes No


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 Pager: Area Code:-- Pin:Fax:A/Code:--

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(Monte Carlo Night Dealers please advise us of the games you can deal)

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